EDWARD JAMES OLMOS interview “Este Año tu Voto es Cosa Seria (This Year, Your Vote is a Serious Matter)

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Este año tu voto es cosa seria (This year your vote is a serious matter)

Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced the L.A. launch of “Este Año tu Voto es Cosa Seria (This Year, Your Vote is a Serious Matter),” a non-partisan, Spanish-language voter awareness campaign. The announcement was made in partnership with AIGA, the professional association for design, and the campaign’s non-profit partners, NALEO Educational Fund, Mi Familia Vota, and the League of Women Voters.

“Our democracy is at its best when all citizens have their voices heard on Election Day,” said Mayor Garcetti. “The results of this election will have real consequences in the daily lives of millions of Angelenos — and we can’t afford for anyone to sit this one out.”

“No matter what your political affiliation, we cannot say it enough about how important it is to get your vote out,” said actor/director Edward James Olmos. “We need first-time voters, student voters and everybody to vote on November 8. For those unable to vote, please encourage those who can to commit to you that they’ll get their vote out. We’re all in this together.”

Chance Spiessbach from Chance TV, had his mic in the air, to support a talk about the importance with Mayor Eric Garcetti.