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Farm Sanctuary’s 30th Anniversary Gala

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To commemorate 3 decades of rescue and creating awareness, celebrities, advocates and supporters alike gathered together on November 12th for the Farm Sanctuary’s 30th Anniversary Gala. Farm Sanctuary’s efforts continue to educate society and save animals from abusive conditions.

Kat Von D (activist, Compassion In Action Award winner and founder of Kat Von D Beauty) speaks on feeling inspired, steering her line towards vegan based products, and far away from animal cruel testing.

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Instagram: @katvondbeauty

Emily Deschanel is not only an actress and producer for Fox’s TV series “Bones”, she has also been a member of the Farm Sanctuary’s Board of Directors since 2014.

Twitter: @emilydeschanel

James Costa is the Board Vice Chair and Development Committee Chair of Farm Sanctuary and he’s inviting everyone to join the movement. He is the voice for the voiceless and aspires to challenge people to be more conscious of what they’re putting on their plates.


Stunning musician Leona Lewis lends her voice to this compassionate cause and was honored for her advocacy endeavors.

Twitter & Instagram: @leonalewis

Writer, director and producer of the “Earthlings” documentary, Shaun Monson explores animal rights issues within various industries. Monson promotes enhancing the impacts that humans have on animals and the environment.

Twitter & Instagram: @shaunmonson
Instagram: @hazeleyedvegan

A vegan for almost as long as the Sanctuary’s inception, American DJ and musician Moby believes in the welfare of animals and environmental sustainability.

Twitter: @thelittleidiot
Instagram: @moby

James Cromwell (actor, producer and animal rights proponent) speaks on his commitment to veganism and exploring a different approach to the relationship between what humans consume and their health.


Young actor and environmentalist Aidan Gallagher plans to educate his generation on the benefits of leading a vegetarian lifestyle.

Twitter & Instagram: @aidanrgallagher

Actor Kevin Nealon has been involved in the animal rights movement for quite some time and aims to lead by example. Don’t be surprised if you hear him order the vegetarian option.

Twitter: @kevin_nealon

Actress Jennifer Coolidge finds it “incredibly odd to be a human being that doesn’t care about animals.”

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