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HacksawRidge director Mel Gibson and Andrew Garfield, Teresa Palmer, Vince Vaughn, Luke Bracey and the cast attend the Los Angeles Special Screening.

Chance Spiessbach from Chance Tv, was on the Red Carpet with the fabulous stars, talking about the movie thats aims towards putting a spotlight on the empathy we all should be giving our brave veterans.

Early birdy morning press screenings on Sunday, Mel Gibson’s pacifist World War II action drama, Hacksaw Ridge, threw a red carpet world premiere at the Venice Film Festival last night. as we where 6 minutes into the ovation, Gibson and the actors were asked to go down into the audience.

Garfield plays Desmond T Doss, the real-life conscientious objector who saved 75 men in Okinawa without ever firing or carrying a gun. The film which spots ” Faith ” as plot,  horrors-of-war action drama is about a man who “does something extraordinary and supernatural, really, what should inspirer those who believe ” Gibson had earlier told the press corps. “A lot of attention needs to be paid to our warriors; they need  love and understanding. I hope this film imparts that message. If it does nothing but that, that’s great,” said Gibson.

This is the first film Gibson has directed in a decade and last night at the gala premiere, he and the actors were “overwhelmingly speechless,”. A private dinner was arranged and hosted by Hacksaw‘s Italian distributors, Andrea Leone, along with Eagle Pictures.

Mechanic worked with Gibson on Braveheart and called Hacksaw the director’s “greatest film.” As one attendee observed, “It was particularly meaningful‎.” Also at the event were IM Global CEO Stuart Ford and Brian Oliver of Cross Creek Pictures. Principal financiers were Cross Creek, Demarest Films and IM Global who acquired international rights for about half the film’s $40M budget and essentially sold out in Berlin last year.

Chance had the honor of having a golden talk with Mel Gibson about the Movie.

See the official Movie trailer here: