Scott Fifer & GO Campaign Have Helped 104,000 Kids

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     Exclusive Interview Scott Fifer Founder of The GO Campaign

Can one man really make a difference?  If you are Scott Fifer  you can.  When the biggest celebrities:  Ewan McGregor, Katy Perry, Kate Hudson, Robert Pattinson, Vin Diesel, Liam Hemsworth and Julia Ormond believe in you anything is possible.

The GO Campaign was born when Hollywood screenwriter and New York Wall Street attorney Scott Fifer, saw the movie ‘Hotel Rwanda’, felt guilty that he hadn’t volunteered enough and wound in Tanzania for a month saving orphans.

GO Campaign is unlike other charities.  It is structured like an investment fund.  Every dollar is accounted for and results are quantifiable. GO Campaign’s identifies and partners with “local heroes” who truly understand the problems facing children in their community and know best how to solve them.  Donors invest and donate to what they are passionate about from GO Campaign’s large portfolio.

Scott Fifer sits down with ChanceTV to explain how in ten short years he went from saving 25 kids in Tanzania to over 104,000 kids across 33 countries.

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